How to gain new clients on BuildPro

How to gain new clients on BuildPro

Engaging Clients

Traditionally the most popular way for tradesmen and builders to gain new work was through work of mouth. Indeed we see the ‘word of mouth’ as still the largest means by which new building contractors and tradesmen win new clients. As is so often the case when you do a good job for a client they will recommencement you to a neighbour, friend or family member who requires the same type of work carried out. This is a powerful means by which to grow your construction business as it is based on the most important thing any client is looking for, Trust!

As with many other sectors more and more people are looking to the internet to find the products and services they need. This is no different in the construction sector. Buildpro was set up to provide a platform which places Trust and Reputation at the heart of its design. This enables both property owners and building service providers to engage each other knowing that same level of trust has been established before either party commits.

What are Clients looking for in

People behind the business

Past projects


Value for money



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