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    User Authentication

    BuildPro applies a multi layer verification process on all users who sign up with our platform. All users must first verify themselves by email before their BuildPro account is approved. Before uploading a project all service buyers must enter a unique 6 digit code which send them via SMS for each project. This ensures that all BuildPro projects are real projects uploaded by real people. Users also have the option of connecting their BuildPro account to their social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter to further enhance their identity.

    Project Authentication

    BuildPro does not allow any project to be uploaded onto the platform until the user inputs a one time code which is sent to their registered phone number. Our multi layer authentication process provides assurances to builders and tradesmen that these are real people uploading real projects. Builders can also view the profiles of all clients and review their information such as how long they have been a member since, how many projects have they previously uploaded, have they left any reviews for other builders or tradesmen etc.

    BuildPro places great importance on verifying companies in order to protect the client but likewise BuildPro recognizes that Builders and Tradesmen need the same protection and this is why we apply the same levels of verification and authentication to the clients profiles as we do to the Builders or Tradesman’s profile.

    We recognize that trust and reputation is central to a professional and successful engagement between the client and the company.

    Service Provider Authentication

    BuildPro allow all service providers the opportunity to show potential clients that they are professional, trustworthy and serious about the services they provide. Service Providers can build a creditable and lasting profile within Buildpro so clients are happy to select you or your company to complete their project.

    This trust is built on the following factors;

    Upload your companies message, your services, your team, who you are and what you stand for. Let the client know your story.

    Upload your Past Projects, let the clients see what you can do and that you take pride in your work. Show before during and after photos for the greatest impact.

    Become active on the platform by messaging clients about their projects, bidding on projects and getting client reviews once the project has been completed. The more interactions you have the stronger your profile becomes and the easier it will be to get clients.

    BuildPro is a platform where you can grow your business, your profile and your client base by getting your message to the client, submitting quotations for real projects and get lasting reviews from your clients. BuildPro is not a website that simply sells the contact details of the client to the highest bidder so if your looking to grow your business brand and your client base then you are in the right place.