Construction Health & Safety Responsibilities for Home Owners

Construction Health & Safety Responsibilities for Home Owners

If I’m a Home Owner and want to get building works completed, what are my responsibilities?

First off, lets establish what constitutes construction works, as I’m sure having detailed building regulations responsibilities when getting a tradesman to fix a door handle would not be practical.

Examples of construction work on your house would include employing a builder or tradesman to build a:

Building an extension,

Building a porch

Building a garage

Installing an attic conversion

Fitting a kitchen,

Installing a new bathroom or study.

Slating a roof

Getting solar panels or skylight fitted.

As mentioned above general DIY work such as repairing a leak, fixing a door handle or hanging a shelf does not come within the regulations.

Does this apply if I am doing all the work myself, for example DIY?

No, the main trigger for these Regulations applies when there is a defined client in place. Therefore these building regulations will not apply if you are carrying out the DIY work yourself and not employing a tradesman or builder to do it for you. In these circumstances you are not a client and not subject to occupational health and safety legislation.

Who is a “Client” under these Regulations?

The “client” is the person paying for building works to be done. Clients can include individuals such as homeowners and those running small businesses or large businesses.

What responsibilities does these Regulations put on homeowners?

You will have to:

  • Ensure you use competent people to do paid construction work for you,
  • Select a project supervisor for any project that involves more than 1 contractor, involves a particular risk or is planned to last greater than 30 days,
  • Keep a safety file for the work as appropriate (this will be provided to you by your Project Supervisor at the end of your project, and
  • Let the Health and Safety Authority know if your project is going to take longer than 30 days or more than 500 person days

What is a Project Supervisor Design Process?

A “Project Supervisor Design Process” (PSDP) is a person who coordinates the design safety the project.

What is a Project Supervisor Construction Stage?

A “Project Supervisor Construction Stage” (PSCS) is a person who coordinates the construction safety of the project.

Can I as a homeowner take the role of Project Supervisor myself?

Yes but you must be competent to carry out these roles including, qualifications and experience. Normally these roles are carried out by experienced designers or contractors.

When are Project Supervisors required for projects?

They are required if:

– there is more than one contractor involved in completing the project,
– there is a particular risk or
– the work is going to last more than 500 person days or take more than 30 days.

You can search BuildPro’s list of Professionals for PSDP and PSCS.


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