Find A Tradesman or Builder with BuildPro

Find A Tradesman or Builder with BuildPro

Find a the right Tradesman for your project online with BuildPro

Traditionally the most widely used means of finding a tradesman or builder was through word of mouth. Why, because word of mouth establishes trust. Someone you know and trust has had experience with a certain tradesman or builder so with their recommendation comes assurances and trust that you will be treated professionally by the company involved. In fact even in today’s world of all things Internet, word of mouth still remains one of the most trusted forms for clients and homeowners to engage a tradesman or builder. This is easy to understand when we look at some of the websites out there that match homeowners and builders. A common problem with these websites is fake reviews, builders and tradesmen’s profiles not been validated, untrustworthy company descriptions, the list goes on.

This is exactly what the co-founders of experienced when they used these websites. Before settling up BuildPro they were a small building company looking to source new projects and clients online. They reviewed projects which had been uploaded by homeowners, how to contact the homeowners, how to pay for the service and they came to the conclusion that the service was not worth paying for. As experienced builders they could see many problems with these websites which included, reviews could not be trusted, there was no qualifications for builders or tradesmen, there was no insurance details for builders or tradesmen, no registration details, no verification on the projects to show that these were real projects uploaded by real people. But the biggest project they found with these websites was essentially the clients or homeowners contact details were been sold to the biggest bidder. This means that the most desperate company would purchase the clients contact details but what should happen is builders or tradesmen should submit their proposals and quotations to the homeowner and the homeowner then selects their preferred company.

This is what the BuildPro set out to address with their platform. It does what other websites fails to do and that is to have trust, verification and reputation as the focal point of its design. They recognize for the platform to work there must be trust established on both sides.

Before a client uploads a project to the platform they must first set up an account and profile and as part of this process they must verify their identity by email. Before their project can be approved and published on the platform for builders and tradesmen to review they will be asked to submit a SMS verification code which is sent directly to their mobile. This means that builders and tradesmen can rest assured that all projects uploaded to the platform are real projects from real people.

BuildPro allow any building service provider to set up an account, from architects to landscapers, builders to plumbers,  your account will be approved provided you submit some essential information about your business. To establish instant trust for the service buyer BuildPro allows service providers to upload their company description, the services you provide, your qualifications, your past projects, your staff details, your registration details and much more. When clients see this level of verified information on companies they know they are reputable.

With most websites out there connecting homeowners to builder and tradesmen, the service buyer uploads what they need done be it refurbish their kitchen or retile their bathroom, they then get a call from a tradesman saying I just bought your details from this website so I will do your job.

With BuildPro the service buyer uploads what they want done and multiple builders or tradesmen bid to complete the job. The client then reviews what the tradesmen and builders have to say in their messages, looks at their price to complete the work and selects their preferred company.

BuildPro brings the trust of word of mouth to the internet in a way others have failed. The service buyers can see exactly what the company’s strengths and weaknesses are before engaging them making it a much more professional experience for both builder and client.

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