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    Growing your business with BuildPro

    Find work at your finger tips

    BuildPro provides your company with a means of finding regular work at their finger tips by logging on and reviewing our live projects. With clients waiting to receive prices from companies like yours, you choose how much or how little work you take on, when and where you take it on.  BuildPro can be used for 100% of your work or indeed use it to fill in the gaps in your work schedule throughout the month.

    Advertise your Business for free

    BuildPro’s platform allows you to upload all details about your company onto your own dedicated profile pages. Your profile is essentially your own website which allows you to promote your business and reputation as you look for work. BuildPro allows you to upload all information including your contact details and a link to your own company website. This is also a great way to drive free traffic back to your main website.

    The internet is increasing becoming the place where clients engage businesses for the services they need and because of this, reputation and trust is key to gaining new clients online. Trust and Reputation is central to BuildPro platform as we endeavor to improve the engagement experience for both the client and the service provider. By uploading all your information and telling your story, you will earn client’s trust.

    BuildPro Points

    BuildPro allows service providers to get ahead of the pack by awarding points for information you upload, projects you complete and getting client reviews. BuildPro rewards those service providers who are most achieve on the website so the more projects you complete the stronger your profile becomes which results in even more clients engaging you. BuildPro points is design so that professionalism is recognized and rewarded.

    Clients Reviews

    Client reviews is a way for everyone to see who is providing a good service and who is not. After completing a project on BuildPro the client can leave a review for you based on the project you just done. The reviews are graded so the more positive reviews you receive the more BuildPro points your profile is awarded. If for any reason you feel a client has left an unfair account of the project you have the opportunity to reply directly to the review. Reviews on BuildPro work both ways so building service providers can also leave reviews for clients. Our review system is designed to encourage a better and more professional relationship for both client and service provider.

    Importance of completing your Profile

    It is extremely important to fully complete your profiles as no client will engage a service provider if there is no information available on such things as: your experience, your location, your past projects, your team, your training etc. Put yourselves in your clients shoes, would you engage a company without having any information on them. The more information you provide the more engagement your profile will get. Because of the importance of some elements of information BuildPro has restricted Service Providers from contacting clients and bidding on projects if their profile does not contain sufficient content.