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    How it works

    how it works


    step 1

    Simply upload the details of what it is you need done for FREE, maybe is that new extension you’ve been planning for a while or an emergency repair job. The more detail you let us know the better, like, where you are, when you need the work done or maybe photos of the space.

    step 2

    We encourage up to 3 quotations for each job that way you can compare prices and ensure you are getting a good price.

    step 3

    Once you receive quotations you can review the professional’s profile to see if they suit your expectations. You will be able to review their company details, their past projects, their past reviews, their skills etc

    step 4

    After reviewing the professional’s details you may then select them to complete your project.

    step 5

    Once your project has been completed you can leave a review on BuildPro for your professional. These reviews helps others wishing to engage service providers and encourages quality of work from professionals.