BuildPro’s point system explained

BuildPro’s point system explained

Improve the Strength of your BuildPro Profile


In order to create a trusted community for both Service Buyers and Service Providers BuildPro has created and incorporated a cutting edge trust and verification system within its platform. This trust and verification system has many elements to it in order to, not only reduce and eliminate risk for both parties but also to highlight any on-going short comings before engaging with a service provider or a service buyer.

Service Provider

Although a lot of focus is placed on the Service Providers reviews and profile strength, BuildPro’s enhanced trust and verification system also provides insight into service buyers profile. All service provider will have a BuildPro points system as well to allow the service provider with reassurance about who they will be working for. This information their core details, username, location, previous projects and up-to-date reviews.  This allows the service Provider the insight to make the most informed decision into who is a trustworthy employer.

BuildPro’s points system for Service Buyers

BuildPro has incorporated a points system into all service providers profiles which presents all relevant information about the service buyer in a easy to understand format. In essence, the higher the service buyers score the more information they have provided us with and the more positive reviews they have received from their BuildPro projects.

Service Providers receive a base score for uploading all relevant information, obtaining points for each item they provide us e.g 20 BuildPro points for their insurance liability certificate, 10 points for each qualification certificate they upload etc. Once all information is provide they then review on-going BuildPro points for successfully completing projects and further points for receiving a positive receive from their Service Buyer.

This system encourages Service Providers to upload all relevant information to their profile which allows Service Buyers to review in detail their credentials. The on-going points for completing projects and receiving positive reviews illustrates the importance of maintaining a quality service.

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