Why use BuildPro to find a Tradesman or Builder?

Why use BuildPro to find a Tradesman or Builder?

BuildPro is a platform which facilitates an open tendering process for homeowners and SMEs who wish to engage a tradesmen or builder to complete their building project.

To understand the benefits of using BuildPro to source your tradesman or builder lets first look at the open tendering process and the benefits it brings.

Open Tendering Process

The open tender process is where the client outlines the requirements of the project and allows multiple contractors to review this information and submit a price to complete the works.

Traditionally open tendering was only used within larger commercial projects. This is because the process of managing the tender process is time consuming and requires a high level of professional industry knowledge in order to set the criteria for the builders so you get the information you require.

BuildPro’s platform manages this process for you. As a client you simply upload what you want done, adding a description, photos or whatever other information you feel is necessary. All suitable builders or tradesmen within that area will automatically get notified about the job. They can then review the project details and submit a price to complete the work.

As a client you may also invite any tradesman or builder to submit a price for your project via the ‘Invite to Review your Project’ button on the tradesman or builders profile. This allows you to invite some of the top rated professionals to submit a cost for your project instead of waiting for others to submit a price.

When prices are received from builders or tradesmen you can review their profile which shows their rating, previous projects, their experience and a host of other relevant information.

Open tendering main advantages are that the client gets multiple prices back which allows them to compare costs. It gives full control to the client as to who you select for your project.

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