BuilfPro’s Trust and Verification explained

BuilfPro’s Trust and Verification explained

BuildPro’s Trust and Verification system increases the safety for both the service buyers and the service providers when engaging each other. By incorporating the industry’s best practices BuildPro’s platform reduces the risk through ensuring all relevant information needed before engagement is highlighted and where this is not provided, the user can clearly see where information lacking. BuildPro’s Trust and Verification System can be broken down into three areas;


1.Service Buyer verification

2.Service Provider Verification

3.Project Verification


Service Buyer verification

All users or service buyers using BuildPro will have to first create a profile. This profile forms the initial layer of verification for any one engaging with them. Engaging parties will be able to view all details on their profile, including name, reviews, past projects, location etc The more active the user the more past projects and reviews they will have. Users will also have to provide email verification when signing up which adds further security and reassurance that the user is legitimate. The overall strength of the service buyer’s profile can be seen within their BuildPro Score.


Service Provider Verification

As with all service buyers, all service providers using BuildPro will have to create their own profile. This profile and the detail contained within it will form the core verification for users wishing to engage. Service providers profiles will contain much more information than service buyers, this will include, name, description of their company, their experience, rates, their location, their past projects, their reviews, insurance details, company registration numbers and much more. The strength of their profile is reflected in their overall BuildPro score.


Project Verification

To ensure only legitimate projects are posted to BuildPro’s platform by only legitimate users BuildPro has insisted on SMS verification when uploading all projects. As part of the upload a project process all service buyers must enter a 6 digit number which will be sent to their phone. This ensures only active legitimate phone numbers are connected with each project thus eliminating any time wasters.

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