Meet Farnan Culkin,
Founder of BuildPro

Farnan Culkin, the innovative mind behind BuildPro, has been instrumental in revolutionising the construction consultation landscape in Ireland. Recognising the challenges homeowners face in finding trusted professionals for their construction and design needs, Farnan established BuildPro.

His vision was clear; to provide expert consultations and seamlessly connect homeowners with a network of vetted professionals, ensuring every project is executed with precision and excellence.

Under Farnan's leadership, BuildPro has emerged as a beacon of reliability for homeowners. From architectural design to deep retrofits, Farnan's commitment to quality is evident in the comprehensive services BuildPro offers.
Empowering Homeowners Farnan's dedication goes beyond just connecting clients with professionals. Through BuildPro, he offers a streamlined process where clients can describe their projects, define essential criteria, and even opt for in-person consultations with industry experts.
This approach ensures that every homeowner feels confident and informed throughout their construction journey.
Farnan Culkin has created more than just a platform; he's built a legacy of trust. His rigorous vetting process, commitment to ongoing support, and emphasis on quality workmanship ensure that every project undertaken through BuildPro meets the highest standards of excellence.