How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost in Ireland? An In-Depth Guide

Farnan Culkin
June 7, 2023

Are you in Ireland and contemplating a bathroom renovation but concerned about the cost? This concern is normal, given that understanding the costs of a bathroom renovation can be complex and somewhat intimidating. BuildPro is here to guide you through the various aspects of a bathroom renovation cost, ensuring you make the most informed decisions possible.

Factors That Impact the Bathroom Renovation Cost

Bathroom renovation projects come with varying costs, primarily influenced by these factors:

Scope of the Project

An extensive remodel, including new fittings, flooring, and tiling, will naturally cost more than a simple replacement job.

Quality of Materials

Opting for high-end materials and fixtures will escalate the budget compared to basic or mid-range options.

Labour Cost

The complexity of the project will determine the amount of professional help required, thereby impacting the overall cost.

What is the Average Cost of Bathroom Renovation in Ireland?

The average cost of a bathroom renovation in Ireland can range from €4,500 to €11,000, depending on the factors mentioned earlier.  However, for a more precise estimate, let’s break down the cost of each aspect of the renovation.

How Much Does Basic Bathroom Flooring Cost?

When it comes to flooring, your choice of material will greatly affect the cost. Budget-friendly options like vinyl or laminate flooring can cost between €20 to €50 per square metre. If you want to splurge on higher-end materials like natural stone or heated floors, you could be looking at costs of €100 or more per square metre. Remember also to factor in the cost of installation, which can range from €15 to €30 per square metre, depending on the job's complexity.

How Much Does it Cost to Fit a Bathroom?

The cost to fit a bathroom can vary greatly, depending on the fixtures you choose and the amount of work required. On average, you might spend between €2,000 and €3,000 for a complete bathroom fitting. This includes installing a new bath, sink, toilet, tiling, lighting, and painting.

How Much Does Bathroom Tiling Cost?

Like flooring, the cost of tiling a bathroom can vary significantly based on the type of tile you choose and the area you must cover. Budget-friendly ceramic tiles can cost as little as €10 per square metre, while high-end materials like natural stone can cost upwards of €100 per square metre. The installation cost will depend on the job's complexity but typically ranges from €20 to €50 per square metre.

How Long Does It Take to Tile a Bathroom?

The time it takes to tile a bathroom depends on the bathroom's size and the tiling job's complexity. On average, it can take between 2 to 3 days for a standard-sized bathroom. If you have a larger bathroom or a complex tiling design, it could take up to a week.

How Much Does a Bath Cost?

The cost of a new bath can range from around €200 for a basic model to over €2,000 for a high-end, luxury bath. The price will depend on the material of the bath (acrylic, steel, or cast iron), the style (freestanding or built-in), and any additional features, such as whirlpool jets.

How Much Does a New Shower Cost?

A new shower can cost anywhere from €100 for a basic showerhead to over €1,000 for a high-end, thermostatic shower system. You'll also need to consider the cost of installation, which can vary depending on whether you're replacing an existing shower or installing a new one.

Shower Enclosure Prices

Shower enclosures can be a cost-effective alternative to a full bath, with prices starting at around €200 for a basic model. High-end enclosures with features like frameless glass or sliding doors can cost up to €1,000 or more.

How Much Does a Basin Cost?

A new basin can cost anywhere from €50 for a basic pedestal model to over €500 for a high-end, designer basin. The cost will depend on the style of the basin (pedestal, wall-mounted, or countertop), the material (ceramic, stone, or glass), and any additional features like integrated storage.

How Much Does a Toilet Cost?

Toilets can range in price from about €100 for a basic close-coupled model to over €500 for a wall-hung or smart toilet. The cost will depend on the style of the toilet and any additional features like soft-close seats or dual-flush systems.

Bathroom Tap Prices Explained

The price of bathroom taps can vary greatly, from €20 for a basic mixer tap to over €200 for high-end, designer taps. The cost will depend on the style of the tap, the material (chrome, stainless steel, or brass), and any additional features like thermostatic controls or waterfall spouts.

Hidden Bathroom Renovation Costs

Don't forget to budget for those hidden costs that can quickly add up. These can include waste removal, the cost of hiring a skip, and any unforeseen issues that might arise during the renovation, such as water damage or structural problems.

Additionally, certain specific services that might not be immediately apparent could add to your total renovation bill. These can include plastering (€200-€300), underfloor heating installation (€800-€900), installing a bathroom extractor fan (€100-€200), fitting a heated towel rail (€150-€300), upgrading the electrical system (€200-€300), waterproofing (€300-€400), and applying a finishing coat of paint (€100-€200). These unexpected expenses can add between 10% to 20% to your overall budget.

Reducing Your Bathroom Renovation Cost

Despite the many factors influencing your bathroom renovation cost, there are ways to minimise your expenses without compromising the quality or outcome of the project.

Plan Ahead

A well-planned renovation can prevent costly mistakes and unexpected expenses. At BuildPro, we provide expert consultation services to help you plan your renovation efficiently.


Identify what's most important to you in your renovation. It could be anything from a spacious shower to a double sink. Spend on what matters most to you, and you can cut back on other less critical areas.

DIY Where You Can

There might be some aspects of the renovation that you can do yourself, such as painting. Doing some work yourself can help you save on labour costs.

It's Time to Renovate Your Bathroom with BuildPro

Now that you have a clearer idea of your bathroom renovation cost, why not let BuildPro help you create your dream bathroom? We offer various services, from consultation to project management, to ensure your renovation runs smoothly from start to finish. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation, and let's transform your bathroom together. Remember, a high-quality bathroom renovation is an investment in your home's value and quality of life. We're here to make that investment pay off.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Cheaper to Renovate Than to Buy?

In most cases, renovating an existing bathroom is cheaper than buying a new house with a better bathroom. The average bathroom renovation cost is considerably less than the cost of purchasing and moving into a new home. However, the choice depends on various factors, including your budget, current bathroom condition, and personal needs and preferences.

What is the Difference Between a Bathroom Remodel and Bathroom Renovation?

While the terms 'remodel' and 'renovation' are often used interchangeably, there is a slight difference. A renovation typically refers to updating or repairing existing structures, such as replacing old fixtures, repainting, or retiling. On the other hand, a remodel involves more extensive changes, like changing the room's layout or size.

How Often Should I Renovate My Bathroom?

The frequency of bathroom renovations depends on several factors, such as the quality of the initial installation, the materials used, and how well the bathroom is maintained. On average, bathrooms tend to be renovated every 10 to 15 years. However, if you notice visible wear and tear or if your bathroom no longer suits your needs or personal style, it might be time for a renovation.

What is the Lifespan of a Bathroom Remodel?

The lifespan of a bathroom remodel largely depends on the quality of the workmanship and the materials used. However, with regular maintenance and good care, a renovated bathroom can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years or more.

Can I renovate my bathroom in stages to spread the cost?

Absolutely! Many homeowners choose to renovate their bathrooms in stages to make it more financially manageable. This approach allows you to prioritise essential upgrades or replacements and tackle less urgent tasks later. It also gives you the flexibility to adjust your budget as you progress.

Is it worth renovating a small bathroom?

Yes, renovating a small bathroom is worth it. Small bathrooms can benefit from smart design choices that maximise space and improve functionality. Renovations can also make the space feel more modern and luxurious. Additionally, an updated bathroom, regardless of its size, can add value to your home.

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