How Much Does Planning Permission Cost in Ireland?

Matt Keane
February 5, 2023

Are you looking to build, extend, or renovate a property in Ireland? One of the first things you'll need to consider is the cost of obtaining planning permission. In this comprehensive guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about how much planning permission costs in Ireland so that you can budget accordingly for your project.

So, as experts in consultation services, BuildPro is here to help you navigate this complex process, ensuring your application is completed efficiently and successfully. Read on to get your hands on the best guide so far!

Factors Affecting Planning Permission Costs

The cost of planning permission in Ireland can vary depending on several factors, including:

Application Type

There are different planning applications in Ireland, each with its own set of fees. For example, a full planning permission application will have a different fee structure than an outline planning or retention permission application.

Development Size and Scale

The size and scale of your proposed development will also affect the cost of planning permission. Larger, more complex projects typically require more extensive documentation and assessment, resulting in higher fees.

Additional Consultation and Expert Services

In some cases, you may need to enlist the help of additional consultants and experts, such as architects, engineers, or environmental consultants, to help prepare your application. These services will also impact the overall cost of planning permission.

Planning Permission Fees in Ireland

Now that we understand the factors affecting planning permission costs, let's look at the specific fees involved.

Standard Planning Application Fees

Understanding the fees associated with planning permission in Ireland is crucial for budgeting your project. To help you quickly grasp the costs involved, we've compiled a simple table detailing the fees for various planning applications:

Residential Development:

    • Single dwelling: €65.
    • Two or more dwellings: €65 for each dwelling up to a maximum of €20,000.

Extensions and Conversions For Dwellings:

    • The fee is generally around €34 for extensions up to 40 square metres. Above that, it's typically calculated based on the increased floor area.

Commercial Development:

      • Fee can range based on the floor area. For instance:Up to 50 square meters: €80.
      • 51 to 200 square meters: €80 plus €2 for every square meter over 50.
    • Above 200 square meters: €380 plus €1 for every square meter over 200.

Change of Use (Non-Residential):

    • Fee can vary but might be in the range of €80 to €2,500, depending on the nature and size of the development.


    • Fees for placing advertisements can vary but might be around €20 for a single structure, with additional costs for larger structures or multiple advertisements.

Agricultural Developments:

    • Smaller structures, like sheds, might have a fee of around €80.
    • For larger developments, the fee could be calculated based on the floor area or the nature of the development.

Renewal of Duration of Permission:

    • This might be around half the fee of the original application.


    • There might also be fees for things like car parks, telecommunications structures, and other miscellaneous developments, often calculated based on the size or nature of the development.

These are general and illustrative figures. For accurate and up-to-date fees, it's always best to consult the official sources or the local council's website.

Outline Permission Fees

Outline permission is a preliminary stage in the planning process that allows you to determine if your proposed development is likely to be approved before submitting a full planning application. The fees for outline permission are typically half of the standard planning application fees.

Retention Permission Fees

Retention permission is required when development has been completed without the necessary planning permission. The fees for retention permission applications are considerably higher than standard planning application fees, as they are intended to discourage unauthorised development. The exact fee will depend on the nature of the development and the applicable standard planning application fee.

Additional Costs to Consider

Aside from the planning permission fees, there may be other costs associated with your project that you'll need to factor into your budget. These may include:

Architectural and Engineering Services

You may need to hire an architect or engineer to design your project and prepare the necessary drawings and documents for your planning application. The cost of these services will vary depending on the complexity of your project and the professionals you choose to work with.

Land Registry Fees

If your development requires a change to your property boundaries or involves the purchase of additional land, you may need to pay fees to the Land Registry.

Environmental and Specialist Reports

For certain projects, you may be required to submit additional reports or assessments, such as environmental impact assessments, flood risk assessments, or traffic impact studies. The cost of these reports will vary depending on the specific requirements and the consultants you choose to work with.

Legal Fees

Sometimes, you may need to consult with a lawyer to navigate legal issues related to your planning application. Legal fees will vary depending on the complexity of the issues and the lawyer you choose to work with.

Get Expert Guidance on Planning Permission Costs with BuildPro Today!

Understanding how much planning permission costs in Ireland is crucial for any construction or renovation project. By familiarising yourself with the fee structure and working with a consultation company like BuildPro, you can ensure a smooth process, legal compliance, and a successful outcome for your project. So, if you want to embark on a construction or renovation venture in Ireland, contact BuildPro today for expert guidance and support.‍

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